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Sand and scarf
damaged area

Cut and position
structrepair plies

Cure laminate in 25 minutes
with vacuum assisted structrepair mat

Apply coating

Faster repairs.
In almost any weather.

  • fast

    Cures within 25 minutes thanks to innovative resin system.

  • flexible processing

    structrepair can be used from 0°C and up to 100% humidity.

  • freely mouldable

    Stays put even on sharp edges and complex shapes.

  • easy

    Simply apply prepreg glass / carbonpatches like a plaster.

  • high strength

    Far stronger thanks to higher fibre content and vacuum technology.

Test structrepair.
Starting now, with four weeks free of charge.

The best proof of its performance comes from testing it in practice at the customer’s site. For this reason we offer you the opportunity to test our structrepair system free of charge for four weeks.

Order directly

The perfect all-round
wind power repair solution.

Looking for an all-round solution for all rotor blade maintenance work?

Improve your workflows and combine the structrepair system with the world’s first rotor blade service platform for all-year use, from WP Systems.

Find out more now.